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Refund policy

Return Policy

To initiate a return, please check if the purchased Product(s) fall under the warranty as per the Warranty Policy. If the Product(s)  are still under under warranty, you may return the Product(s) based on the following conditions:

  • Customers can initiate a return for the purchased Product(s) within 3 days from the date of receiving the Product(s).
  • Cases of physically damaged and/or missing Product(s) will only be considered if reported at the time of delivery.
  • The amount refunded will only cover the amount of Product(s) purchased.
  • Shipping and payment processing charges are non-refundable.
  • If a coupon, discount, voucher, or special offer was part of the original order, the amount will be deducted as well.
  • If the mode of payment is online, then the amount will be refunded in the form of Al Munir Computers Wallet (Store Credit) or to the respective account/card through which payment was made at the time of order generation (discretion of Al Munir Computers Online) and the action is irreversible once done.
  • If the mode of payment is cash on delivery, then the amount will be refunded in the form of Al Munir Computers Wallet (Store Credit) only and the action is irreversible once done.
  • Al Munir Computers Online reserves the right to compensate the return in terms of coupon/vouchers as and when it deems fit.

Al Munir Computers Online has a strict policy that promotional items cannot be refunded, except in rare cases of manufacturing defects, which are subject to the discretion of Al Munir Computers Online.

Return Process

If the Product(s) qualifies for a return, please follow the below process to initiate a return:

  • Submit a Complaint: Customers can initiate the refund in my account dashboard.
  • Review Process:  Our customer support team will thoroughly review your complaint and approve the return if it meets the criteria. 
    • It is possible to file multiple complaints for different products that were received under a single order.
    • It should be noted that a pickup charge of AED 25 is applicable for every complaint submitted after the first one.
  • Pickup Procedure: Once the complaint is approved, the product pickup procedure will begin.

For customers in the UAE, our delivery team will pick up the product(s). 

If a return request is made within 3 days of delivery, but the order was correct and proper, a pickup charge of AED 25 will be applied. If needed, pickup requests can be rescheduled at no additional cost. However, if the second pickup request is cancelled, the claim ticket will be closed automatically.

For customers outside the UAE, the customer will need to return the product(s) to Al Munir Computers Online's warehouse at Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd, Al Fahidi - Dubai, UAE, at their own expense. The customer is responsible for paying shipping charges, customs fees, and taxes, and must update the tracking number on the claim ticket within 3 days of ticket creation.

Upon receipt of the product(s), it undergoes an inspection process:

Approved: If the product(s) is found to be faulty according to our policy, we will initiate the refund process.

Not Approved: If the product is returned in a damaged condition or is missing components, the item(s) will be returned to the customer. Our goal is to provide a quick and hassle-free warranty experience.

Products without a specified warranty period are considered non-warranty items, and a complaint must be filed within 72 hours from the time of delivery.

To qualify for a claim, the following conditions must be met:

  • Please ensure that the original seal is intact.
  • The product(s) must not have been used and should show no signs of previous use.
  • The saved accessories, consumables included with the product(s), components, labels, accompanying documentation, etc., and their packaging must be undamaged.
  • The product(s) must have complete original packaging (if it was sold in original packaging).
  • Products that are labeled as free-size or multicolor are not eligible for exchange or return. These items, such as those listed on the website as multi-color, free-size, assorted color, assorted design, etc., cannot guarantee a specific size or color and are subject to availability.
  • If the product is not damaged but claimed due to it not meeting expectations, pickup charges of AED 25 and re-stocking fees of 15% of the product value will apply.